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Anadrol ( Oxydrolone ): Benefits, Uses, Dosage, and Side Effects

What is Anadrol ?

This article compares the two well-known anabolic steroids, Anadrol (Oxydrolone by Alpha) and Anavar. Athletes and bodybuilders utilize both to improve performance, strength, and muscular mass. Users can choose which of these two steroids to add to their exercise routine with more knowledge if they are aware of their differences.

Strong anabolic effects that quickly result in notable increases in muscle mass and strength are the hallmark of anadrol (oxymetholone).

Because of its less negative effects and reduced chance of side effects, anavar (oxyandrolone) is used by both men and women seeking to lose weight and increase lean muscle.

How to Use Anadrol 

Depending on the user’s objectives and level of anabolic steroid experience, there are differences in the administration and dose of Anadrol and Anavar.

Dosage Instructions

  • Oxydrolone: Most users begin by taking 25–50 mg daily, while individuals with more expertise may take up to 100 mg.
  • Anavar: A typical dosage ranges from 20-80 mg per day, with lower doses recommended for women.

Anadrol (oxydrolone) Side Effects

While both steroids are effective, they come with their respective side effects, particularly if misused.

Common side effects of oxydrolone include water retention, gynecomastia (male breast tissue development), elevated blood pressure, and liver toxicity.

Common side effects of anavar include cholesterol imbalance, liver damage (although less severe than anadrol), and possible virilization (development of masculine traits) in women.

Anadrol After 2 Weeks

After 2 weeks of oxydrolone use, users typically notice substantial increases in muscle mass and strength. However, the rapid gains may also come with pronounced side effects like significant water retention and potential liver stress. It’s important to monitor these changes and adjust the dosage accordingly.

When to Use ( Anadrol vs Anavar )

In bulking cycles, when gaining muscle mass quickly is the main objective, anadrol is frequently used. Conversely, anavar is utilized in cutting cycles to reduce body fat and maintain lean muscle.


  • Medical Conditions: Consult a healthcare provider if you have liver issues, heart conditions, or any other significant health problems.
  • Pregnancy: Neither steroid is recommended for use during pregnancy.
  • Children and Elderly: Use with extreme caution and under strict medical supervision.

Why Should One Use Anadrol

In bulking cycles, when gaining muscle mass quickly is the main objective, it is frequently used. Conversely, anavar is utilized in cutting cycles to reduce body fat and maintain lean muscle.

Customer Testimonials

Anadrol is great for bulking phases since users report quick and noticeable muscular gains. But these benefits are frequently accompanied by a large amount of water retention. The gentler form of Anavar, which promotes lean muscle growth and fat loss with fewer adverse effects, is appreciated by users.

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FAQs about Anadrol 

Is it Legal?

Each country has a different legal standing for both anavar and oxydrolone. It is vital to investigate regional laws prior to acquiring or utilizing these steroids. When you see oxydrolone or any other steroids for sale online, proceed with caution.

How Long Does It Take to See Results from Anadrol vs Anavar?

  • Anadrol: Results can be seen within the first two weeks, with significant muscle and strength gains.
  • Anavar: Results are more gradual, typically noticeable after a few weeks of consistent use, emphasizing lean muscle and fat loss.

Can Anadrol and Anavar Be Used Together?

Although some experienced users may stack it with it, it’s important to do so under a doctor’s supervision because of the possibility of compounded adverse effects. Considering the increased danger to liver health and hormonal balance, stacking should be done with caution.



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